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I have a pearl w/ gray 20v. Is the CD changer OEM stock? I would like to ge=
t an OEM CD player, but after looking at the Bentley manual, there is a lot=
 of wiring and some control unit above the glove box door. I don't know if =
you would be willing to provide all the wiring, but if you would and the CD=
 is OEM, works, has all the components (magazine, bracket, screws, etc.) I =
would pay $200.00. Let me know???

Also, do you have the plastic tool that aligns the wheel when changing tire=
s? - it came in the tool pouch (mine is missing). How about the right front=
 side (passenger side) corner chrome plastic trim piece that sits above the=
 bumper and below the grill (mine is cracked) - looks like a small "boomera=
ng" (sp)? and lastly, the small plastic cover for the radiator fusible link=
? - mine is missing.

Sorry to hear your 20v got hurt...

Mike Vitrano   1991 200 20V sedan, 215k, IA Stage III+
Columbia, TN

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