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As I haven't heard back from you, I'm going to go ahead and put my 16v
distributor back together.  I also asked Bernie what he thought about
interchangability of Hall Senders.  He was of the opinion that they all
should be interchangable from a functional standpoint.

I imagine the signal is likely similar between one and the other, and the
difference between MC and 3B engines lies only in the shutter window with
the Motronic control unit calibrated to interpret the signal accordingly. I
can picture this being pretty easy to check.

Also, in lurking in the VWVortex, people are attributing failures of the
Hall Sender in the oil leak prone 16v distributors to damage to the wires
coming out of the Hall Sender, and guessing the hot oil is corrupting the
insulation (I guess this then raises the question how that would then effect
the actual copper wiring? if extreme enough, shorting?).  At any rate, I
imagine this finding can be cross generalized; ie hall sender problems in
the 200 distributor is from wiring damage, not damage to the hall sender
itself.  And as I'd stated before, people have been able to succesfully
interchange hall senders from the 8v and 16v engines with no problems

I assume you could use a hall sender from a used 10v engine without issue,
but no proof.  Worth finding a used one in the junkyard to investigat?
Depends how much time you have.  I think so.

Best of luck.

Derek Pulvino

>My 91 200q gives a fault code of intermittent Hall effect sensor, and I
>have the intermittent hard start problem...so your research into this is
>very timely...(of course, I also get an intermittent RPM sensor fault as
>well, but we'll go after the Hall sensor first).
>I sent the p/n's Bernie posted to Scott Mockry to see if he could
>source/price them...unfortunately, the p/n's aren't for the hall effect
>sensor,  but for the electrical connector on the distributor housing (to
>connect to the hall effect sensor).  The -038 part, BTW, is $2.30 and
>available, the -049 connector isn't shown.  hmmm...
>ETKA does not show the Hall effect sensor available for the MC or 3B
>engines.  Scott notes that there is a generic 5 cylinder Hall effect sensor
>available, but these appear to be spec'd for the NA cars (84-87 4kq, 5k,
>etc), with a 5-shutter window--the sensor in our cars has a single window
>Finally, Scott notes that the Bosch numbers for Hall effect sensors are in
>the series  1 237 011 xxx.
>Anything you can come up with here would be great--I can't pull my
>distributor just yet, otherwise I'd get a p/n for you--when it comes out,
>the metal gear goes on, as well as a new sensor, if we can figure this
>out--otherwise, I may have to bite the bullet on a new distributor, though
>the ultimate cost diff may not be that much--after the $40 for your gear,
>potentially $80-100 for a hall sensor (if priced like the 16v VW units),
>add in a new cap & rotor, the new dist is only about $50-75 more.
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