parting '91 200 20v by Postupak

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Sun Jan 19 13:08:51 EST 2003

I thought I'd mention that also I spoke to this guy when he had his 3B offered for sale.
During the conversation, he said he almost had a deal with a guy in the PNW somewhere,
but it fell through.  He said that the car was in the shop where it was getting work done, that
he had told the buyer of the motor where it was, and that the buyer was going behind his
back trying to get the shop to take extra parts off of the car to sent out with the motor.  So,
Postupak didn't like that and returned the guys check and cancelled the deal in principle.
That's the story I got.

The whole story on the car was that it was wrecked, and then while it was getting fixed he
decided to get all that work done on the motor, valve job, port and polish, S6 metal head
gasket (I believe this was the motor, although I tend to inquire on all 3B's offered), timing
belt, water pump.  Then the motor was put back into the car, but Postupak decided that
since the car was going to have a salvage title anyway, he decided to part it out.

I lost some interest in it when it seemed like any extra little parts would be extra money, as if
the $3.5k or whatever it was for the motor didn't justify things like the intercooler and piping.
Seeing as how there was another 200q20v "car" for sale for $3.3k, even tho' it didn't have
the motor work done, I let my reality sink in and didn't try to make a deal for Postupak's

Other details from that conversation was that Postupak is an artist as his main job, and he
was familiar with the fun of early VW GTI's, saying he might get/build up something like that
to drive next.  I mentioned knowing of a local 200q20v with the engine gone from it being
used for a 4ksq transplant, that the chassis had a clean title and would sell for pretty cheap
and he could put his motor in it, but he wasn't terribly interested.

I called the number listed in the audifans marketplace, he had also advertised on audiworld,
at least.

That's about all I know.  Good luck to all who are expecting parts or refunds.  This is B.S.,
and scary since I could be there too.



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