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Hi guys-
I'm feeling a little lucky-I talked with this guy, too.  I was serious about
buying a motor--but luckily he told me he thought he had another buyer--and
I found a local wrecked car and bought it. [ad in Mktplace]  He contacted me
later and said the deal fell through.  But I cannot comment on his alleged
stiffings.  Until I/we know his story it's hard to say.  Recently at work I
contacted a potential client I had been trying to work with, we had been
talking for a month or so last year when suddenly he stopped returning my
calls.  Well, I got back in touch with him last week and he had a kidney
transplant.  He had been on the list for two years when they called him up
in November-they said they had a kidney for him.  That explains why he
"disappeared" for a couple months.  Sometimes you never what's going on.
That doesn't help the guys who have been stiffed, tho.


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> I thought I'd mention that also I spoke to this guy when he had his 3B
offered for sale.
> During the conversation, he said he almost had a deal with a guy in the
PNW somewhere,
> but it fell through.  He said that the car was in the shop where it was
getting work done, that
> he had told the buyer of the motor where it was, and that the buyer was
going behind his
> back trying to get the shop to take extra parts off of the car to sent out
with the motor.  So,
> Postupak didn't like that and returned the guys check and cancelled the
deal in principle.
> That's the story I got.
> The whole story on the car was that it was wrecked, and then while it was
getting fixed he
> decided to get all that work done on the motor, valve job, port and
polish, S6 metal head
> gasket (I believe this was the motor, although I tend to inquire on all
3B's offered), timing
> belt, water pump.  Then the motor was put back into the car, but Postupak
decided that
> since the car was going to have a salvage title anyway, he decided to part
it out.
> I lost some interest in it when it seemed like any extra little parts
would be extra money, as if
> the $3.5k or whatever it was for the motor didn't justify things like the
intercooler and piping.
> Seeing as how there was another 200q20v "car" for sale for $3.3k, even
tho' it didn't have
> the motor work done, I let my reality sink in and didn't try to make a
deal for Postupak's
> motor.
> Other details from that conversation was that Postupak is an artist as his
main job, and he
> was familiar with the fun of early VW GTI's, saying he might get/build up
something like that
> to drive next.  I mentioned knowing of a local 200q20v with the engine
gone from it being
> used for a 4ksq transplant, that the chassis had a clean title and would
sell for pretty cheap
> and he could put his motor in it, but he wasn't terribly interested.
> I called the number listed in the audifans marketplace, he had also
advertised on audiworld,
> at least.
> That's about all I know.  Good luck to all who are expecting parts or
refunds.  This is B.S.,
> and scary since I could be there too.
> Later,
> Ken
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