Mysterious Coolant Leak Fixed (whew)

George Sidman sidman at
Mon Jan 20 10:57:08 EST 2003

I pulled the power steering pump and found a small tear in the end
tank of the radiator (an all metal radiator) - caused by my own
carelesness in removing and reinstalling the pump - during distributor
gear replacement a few weeks ago. I was able to solder on a brass
patch with the radiator in place. I also replaced the original aux
radiator hoses, which were in excellent condition after 243,000 miles.
Almost every hose I have replaced, with the exception of the CC bypass
and MM hoses has gone way beyond normal life. Now if I can just get
the heater to work again .....

Many thanks to all for the leaky advice; fortunately it was not the
water manifold. As a matter of policy, I replace both hoses under the
steering pump every time I am in there (look the other way, Bernie.)
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