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First:  take the canceled check and work backwards from the mailing address
to the bank that cashed the check.  While the bank won't give you his info,
you can call the bank to notify them you've been "taken/victim of fraud" as
the bank (and he)  cashed your check and you've never received compensation
for the goods or services paid for.
The minimum this will do is put the bank on notice.  AND if you file a police
report, the bank will provide info to the law enforcement agency.

What benefit this will do is hopefully pinpoint which branch he uses to
target his where abouts.  Then maybe sympathizers can locate him?  Oh the

Then its off to the local police department (by mail/fax) for a police report
to complete and file with them.

Then file a claim with the local courts.  If he did this by mail: contact the
postmaster and file a report also.

While expending this energy might get you some resolution, it mostly will
not.  However, it will (using the court) - provided that you'll have reason
to put good money after bad to have the cheapest local lawyer or
representative show up at court for you on suit date - he'll end up with a
judgment against him (hopefully for not showing up to court), which will
catch up to him on some traffic stop or job application in the future.
Collecting the others in your situation may help defer the costs involved and
gather you more weight against him in a class action suit.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst case.  Just food for thought.
HTH - Scott in BOSTON
in reading Jim's later post try his suggestion also.

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> It appears to me we've been taken.  He cashed my check on Nov 16;  my last
> e-mail from him was Dec 6.
> Caveat Emptor!  We may never see anything or hear anything again....
Subject: Re: parting '91 200 20v

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