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I did not pay him anything for the parts I wanted... I guess I got lucky
as I usually move on things I want pretty quick. All you guys that he "hosed"
need to get together and give him "hosing" ie: "beat his ass" for taking advantage
of the listers here.

FWIW... I "bought" (high bid - $5,900. 103k miles) a 1990 Audi V8 on e-bay from
a punk in Philadelphia. The pixs of the car looked good - I talked to the seller, told
him I was a VW/Audi mechanic and that the paint/bodywork had to be original for
me to buy. He said no problem - the car was "perfect", bla bla bla. I bought a one-way
ticket from Nashville - drove a rented a car (1.5  hrs. away) and got there to discover the car
had rust on the lower quarters, been repainted on the hood and door, seat heaters
did not work, engine did not "feel right" at speed, could not produce receipts for claimed
timing belt/water pump repairs (said he gave his buddy "a six pack" to do the work), and
after looking at his paperwork - the Audi had 6 previous owners! He claimed innocence
to my discoveries and I drove back to the airport - missed the last flight back to Nashville
- slept in the rental car in a parking lot (to minimize my losses) and caught a Sunday flight back.
Lost an entire weekend and was out $300.00 to look at a junk V8. Couple weeks later is
an Audi 200 20V on e-bay for sale - location: Knoxville, TN (2 hr. drive for me) and being
sold by an Audi technician - I bought the car for $5,900.

That is how I became a 20V owner

Mike Vitrano
Columbia, TN
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Hey Mike,
Sounds familiar.  He also said OK to my request for the same thing, the
changer, remote and head unit, at $110.  We also agreed on $75 for the Bose
radio and $100 for the air box.

It appears to me we've been taken.  He cashed my check on Nov 16;  my last
e-mail from him was Dec 6.
Caveat Emptor!  We may never see anything or hear anything again....

'91 200 20v tq avant; 102k miles


Sorry to hear about this guy. I offered him $200.00 for his OEM CD changer
and controls. He said ok. When I asked about some smaller parts and
hardware (and operator's manuals for the CD setup) he did not reply....

Mike Vitrano
Columbia, TN

1991 200 20V

PS I've attached my e-mails to and from this guy - hope it helps!

PPS I can't attach "saved e-mails" to this one - dam computer ("or
operator") - I'll forward those separately
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Has anyone received parts from this Bob Postupak yet?  I prepaid for 3
items, $250 approx,  and have had no communication since Dec 6.  His Email
address is shut off and phone rolls over to answering machine to which I
have had no return call.

Here is what the Phone# reverse lookup finds:
Wing Hing Chinese Restaurant
3568 Edgmont Ave
Chester, PA 19015

I'm a patient guy, but I'm also worried that I've been stiffed.

thanks all
'91 200 20v tq avant, 102k miles
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                     11/05/2002 10:19

Just letting everyone know I'm parting my 200 20v.Have all most all
parts.Including trans, factory BBS wheels, full interior, Motor has
miles and was just gone over, with many many new stuff. If anyone needs
let me know.
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