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CPostupak at aol.com CPostupak at aol.com
Tue Jan 21 16:22:05 EST 2003


It has been brought to my attention that there are some of you making
accusations and slanderous remarks at my expense. I'd like to set some things
After working for nearly the last two years seven day's a week I left for the
holidays for about three weeks vacation that I feel I deserved. Returned home
to a very nice computer virus that deleted everything we had on it including
whom purchased what for how much all my contact info all our programs
etc....etc..... Just got back up and running And find that you fine Gentleman
(I use the term gentleman loosely) are making vial threats, slanderizing me
etc.................Hmmmmmmmm To jump to a conclusion or passing judgment
upon someone or something without fact is really quite ignorant. And I'm
quite sure you would not take nicely for others to do it to you. Like for
example the two 200q20v listers who's checks bounced like supper balls after
there parts were shipped, should I then feel that it appropriate to get on
this list and any other Audi list and attack them, make threats and attack
there morality. I think not. For those of you who I got to meet, speak to and
have had a good all around experience.Thankyou.

Now for those of you who may have not received your parts, but have had more
than enuogh time to attack me ,contact me with your info.ie. address, amount
paid, check number and the parts in question. And I will forward them to you
or your money back. But I daresay, I only hope that if are in the same
situation that you have someone as nice as you all have been to me.
Thank you,
cPostupak at AOL.com

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