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Phil Rose pjrose at
Tue Jan 21 20:37:59 EST 2003

At 4:55 PM -0800 1/21/03, Kevin McCalla wrote:
>Other Chip Upgrades:
>The two main vendors for ECU upgrades seem to be IA
>and Anderson Motorsport, both offering them at $600.
>I don't want to sacrafice quality, but are there any
>other reputable chips out there that are not quite
>that expensive???

You need to be aware of a current attempt to get a group purchase
going for chip and 2.5 bar MAP sensor--produced by a lister (Minhea
Cotet) in Belgium. His latest email is quoted below. Contact him for
details if you've missed his previous postings here.This is a
do-it-yourself installation: the provided chip (it's plug-in) and 2.5
bar sensor (some soldering needed) must be installed by the owner (or
qualified tech). The price appears to be a low US$250 (although I
don't know if that includes shipping.) Obviously no local service on


At 8:43 PM +0100 1/19/03, Mihnea Cotet wrote:
>From: Mihnea Cotet <mik at>
>Subject: 20v chips group buy progress
>Hi all,
>Right now there are 12 people interested in getting modified
>chips/pressure transducers for their cars.
>Fellow lister Craig Dain Gary ( cdg100 at ) has offered to
>serve as a coordinator for the GP in the US, thus, he's the person
>to send the MAP sensors to and he'll forward them to me.
>There are some people whom I didn't hear anything from in a while,
>could you please answer and tell me if you're still interested, so
>we know if the price is definitely at 250 or not?
>Thanks to all for your interest,

Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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