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Mihnea Cotet mik at
Wed Jan 22 07:32:17 EST 2003

Kevin, Steve,

I have developed a special chipset for the 3B engine with the help of a
German friend who's a tuner himself, mainly because I had no money to
afford big names (Abt, MTM, Lehmann) and also because I wanted to be able
to make my own chips and not someone else's. After spending more than 6
months of evenings without talking to my wife (because I was buried in
papers, hex editors and my laptop) and many late and even sleepless nights,
I am now proud to announce that my chipset works just fine and that is
performs about as good as the other big names, but with just ONE major
exception: fuel economy and price. As I have to drive my 3B equipped coupe
to work everyday for a 90 mile commute I had to find out how to be able to
lower fuel consumption during part throttle operation without compromising
engine smoothness or reliability, and this is now done!

I agree with Steve that service-wise, my chip upgrade isn't the best thing
available, but I've been a member of these lists for a long time and I can
assure you that I won't disappear in case your car has problems with my
chips in it :-) I also offer to anyone who joins the group purchase  a 1
year free software upgrade, which means that if I find out some new
settings that can improve engine smoothness and performance or whatever,
I'll burn a new chip for everyone and send it by mail. This is what I'd
like to call service, because no one else does that, but as my chips keep
improving at the same time as I do, I think it's best for the customers to
have a free upgrade and they have even the choice of going back to the old
version or not.

My regular price is 300 Euro a set (1 fuel/ignition management chip, 1
boost management chip and 1 2.5 Bar pressure transducer in exchange of your
stock one), shipping not included, and for the group purchase, I've lowered
the price to 250 for 10 or more sets.
Installation is very easy and THERE IS NO downtime as the car can run with
no pressure transducer installed (boost mechanically set by the WG spring)
with no risk of damage whatsoever.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have more technical questions
concerning the chips themselves and your questions will be answered.

Best regards,


At 17:13 21/01/2003 -0800, Steven Sprague wrote:
>I was considering a 2Bennett Chip for my 200.  A friend has one in his
>200 and seems to work fine.  I don't know how the list feels about them,
>but they are local so service isn't an issue.  Not sure of cost though,
>but they should be close.
>My $0.02,
>Kevin McCalla wrote:
> > Other Chip Upgrades:
> >
> > The two main vendors for ECU upgrades seem to be IA
> > and Anderson Motorsport, both offering them at $600.
> > I don't want to sacrafice quality, but are there any
> > other reputable chips out there that are not quite
> > that expensive???
> > -Kevin
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