Re long drawn out thread of parting out car..

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Wed Jan 22 08:31:56 EST 2003

I don't think you are out of line at all. It would have been good business
practice for the seller to let the customers know before the 3 week vacation
that their orders would not be filled during that time. A vacation is not an
excuse. Similarly, if the vendor accepts electronic orders via email, then
it would make good business sense to make sure that information is properly
protected and backed up.

Does the vendor work hard for a living? I'm sure he does, but guess what, so
do the rest of us on this list. Why else would we keep 12 year old cars that
need lots of replacement parts to keep them running? If we were
independently wealthy we'd be on the RS6 list or something.

"Nobody can forget the sound." - Michele Mouton

> I would say a humble apology is more in order than excuses, shit happens
> take responsibility for it.
> maybe I'm out of line but this is how I feel.
> regards-
> Joshua Cummings

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