Center console - hmmmmmm !

The Zimm's rosezimm at
Tue Jan 21 16:37:24 EST 2003

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Hi there "fans" !

I'm trying to remove the center console on our '90 200 automatic.  Found th=
e 2 philips in either side front footwell, the two 8 or 9 mm bolts, on eith=
er side toward the rear of the console.  Slid the side covers off exposing =
the insulation and two more 8 or 9mm bolts directly under the shift boot.  =
That's as far as I could go.  Console still doesn't budge so I decided to p=
ut things back as they were and send a HELP message to the list.  I just co=
mpleted replacing the LED's in a couple window switches by following the in=
structions on Chris Miller and Scott Mochry's sites.  It was a pain,, but t=
hese 'ol fingers got it did and it gave me just enough confidence to go aft=
er the burned out bulb in the shifter selector display.  I'm still waiting =
for the courage to dig into the dash and replace the LED's in both seat hea=
ter switches and a couple others in the dash panel.   I forget which ones, =
but when I get there I'll do EVERY one of 'em !!  :o]

Anyway, I appreciate any tips you can offer and sure do appreciate ! and en=
joy studying the messages and conversations between you fans :o]  I've got =
approx. a 200 page manual composed entirely of the conversations and tips a=
bout these wonderful hotrods you've posted and just keep adding every time =
I see a post about something that hasn't been already cussed and/or discuss=

Thanks guys, for any tips you can share :o]


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