Chip upgrades ECS-tuning???

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Wed Jan 22 23:57:06 EST 2003

Please guys, it's about the 3rd or 4th time I'm explaining this, no more
than 260 HP is achievable with a 2 Bar MAP sensor, otherwise if the ECS
chip is the same as TAP, it should be real sh*t because this chip uses a
stiffer WG spring that tricks the ECU and it doesn't measure nor regulate
pressure from this point on.

I don't mean to bug you guys with my own commercial interest, because I
don't care if you go and buy the chip at ECS after all, but this kind of
mod will only bring you maybe 265 HP on a dyno and the reslt isn't that
good. Haven't you heard yet of the infamous TAP chip for the 3B engines?
Ask the other listers what they think and you'll see for yourself, or try
searching the archives.

Actually, TAP have a chipset where they claim +100 HP. Please believe me,
I've studied the 3B chips and compressor maps enough so I can say with the
eyes closed that a chip alone can't provide more than 280 HP, not even I am
claiming more than 280 HP from my own chips, but the difference is that my
chips provide accurate boost control. Furthermore, while speaking about
service, will ECS provide you with absolutely FREE chip upgrades in case
you feel something isn't perfect or if I come to figure a particular
setting will be better than another? I don't think so. I am intending to go
on a dyno to do the final setting for my chips so then you'll also know
exactly how much HP you can have.



At 16:55 22/01/2003 -0500, Audi Sport wrote:
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>They have the same stuff as Total Audi Performance.
>I have read good reports about the ECS-tuning Stage 1 chip for $425.00
>which is said to give +65 HP
>Go to
>When you go there be sure to go to the gallery and look at Tom's
>200TQ20V. It is awesome.
>I would like to get the opinions of the experts in this group and
>reports from those who have went there about the ECS-tuning chip and the
>service itself as this is where I am considering going.
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