20V Radiator Plastic vs Metal?

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The Nissens all metal radiator actually has a higher rate of failure than
the stock AKG radiator. And you don't get any more cooling performance from
the Nissens. So I stuck with the AKG when I replaced my a while ago...not
that I had a choice at the time anyway.
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Rod at The Parts Connection informed me that the Nissens 60437 all metal
radiator was in stock for $215.00.  Only 10 had arrived and 8 were sold
and more could be 3 months away.
Even though my neck repair of 8 months ago was holding up and I needed
to buy other 20V parts I decided that I had better bite the bullet and
buy the radiator now as I would feel real dumb if I really needed it and
couldn't get it.
So I bought it and it s on it's way.
Today, I talked to an Audi OEM parts wholesaler named Randy in Chicago.
I told him about the radiator and how happy I was to finally get it.
You could tell by his voice that Randy was older. He said that he was an
Audi mechanic for many years and had worked on many many 20V's.
He said that the AKG OEM composite plastic radiator was better and that
Audi really knew what they were doing when they engineered and designed
that radiator for the 20V.
He talked about heat dissipation on the AKG that is not there on the
Nissens, weight, etc. And that the AKG radiator lasts for 12 years or
more which is a long time.
This was a very short couple minute conversation that left me wondering
if I had made a mistake.
So to you experts, I ask what are the pro and cons of the AKG OEM
radiator and the all metal Nissens?

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