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Pop the plastic cover off in the back. The one that goes around the cigarette
lighter, and you will find the two screws left that are still holding your
console in place.


Hi there "fans" !
I'm trying to remove the center console on our '90 200 automatic. Found the 2
philips in either side front footwell, the two 8 or 9 mm bolts, on either side
toward the rear of the console. Slid the side covers off exposing the
insulation and two more 8 or 9mm bolts directly under the shift boot. That's
as far as I could go. Console still doesn't budge so I decided to put things
back as they were and send a HELP message to the list. I just completed
replacing the LED's in a couple window switches by following the instructions
on Chris Miller and Scott Mochry's sites. It was a pain,, but these 'ol
fingers got it did and it gave me just enough confidence to go after the
burned out bulb in the shifter selector display. I'm still waiting for the
courage to dig into the dash and replace the LED's in both seat heater
switches and a couple others in the dash panel. I forget which ones, but when
I get there I'll do EVERY one of 'em !! :o]
Anyway, I appreciate any tips you can offer and sure do appreciate ! and enjoy
studying the messages and conversations between you fans :o] I've got approx.
a 200 page manual composed entirely of the conversations and tips about these
wonderful hotrods you've posted and just keep adding every time I see a post
about something that hasn't been already cussed and/or discussed.
Thanks guys, for any tips you can share :o]
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