20V Radiator Plastic vs Metal?

Patrick Anderson ptanders at attbi.com
Thu Jan 23 19:56:12 EST 2003

To clarify, the Nissens all metal radiator for our 20v's is identical to the
one used in the 200 10v's (except for 2 extra fittings for the aux.
radiator). So, those 10v radiators have a higher failure rate than the stock
AKG ones in the 10v cars. But I would assume that the same would hold true
for the 20v cars as well.
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> Patrick,
>            How does the Nissens fail?
> The Nissens all metal 60437 has never been used on 20Vs in the USA as it
> has never been imported over here until a few weeks ago. There was
> another company that made an all metal that fit the 20V with a welding
> job required for the auxiliary lip. I think that was AKG.
>          Where are you getting the information on the Nissens failure
> rate and how does it fail?
>                            Thanks,
>                             Brice

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