Jumping speedometer NOVUS Plastic scratch remover

BriceW at webtv.net BriceW at webtv.net
Fri Jan 24 03:56:26 EST 2003

I am getting ready to pull my instrument cluster and do a complete
refurb as I have a few burned out lights around the speedometer and a
jumping speedometer.
I have done one before on a 100 but never have done the soldering
myself. I took it all apart and had the soldering done for $20.00 by a
shop that specializes in auto electronics.
I went to Scott’s invaluable site to get all the info.
First, I ordered a complete bulb kit from Blau. 11 bulbs for $25.95
under part no. 441 919 001.
Then I got a 15 watt soldering iron at Radio Shack for $7.99 and some
non-rosin solder and wick solder remover. I already have a magnifying
glass on a stand.
I then got some Stabilant 22A from Carlsens for $33.00. I will use it to
apply to all of the connections to the instrument cluster when I put it
back in. I will now also use it whenever I reconnect anything ,except
for the oxygen sensor.
The only time I have removed an instrument cluster with an air bag
steering wheel was on a 100 and was able to slide it out without taking
the steering wheel off. I used to love taking the steering wheels off of
5000s. But I now don’t want to fool around with anything to with
airbags. So I am hoping that the cluster slides out on on my 200TQ20V
I have read that some have problems and not all slide and removing the
steering wheel is mandatory. I will tape off the wood paneling on the
dash, of course, as it could slide right into it.
I am having no problems with the OK check system but will re-solder it
as well as I don't want to do this job again for a long time.
Scott says to get some plastic scratch remover and some clearcote for
the cluster.
I looked everywhere. I went to all the auto stores and hardware stores.
A guy at Ace told me to go to a plastics place in town and they
recommended a product called NOVUS. We tried it out on some plastic with
scratches and it is amazing. I bought the NOVUS 1 Plastic Clean & Shine
for monthly maintenance on all the plastics in the car. I bought the
NOVUS 2 Fine Scratch Remover to really clean the cluster and make it
look like new. They also have a NOVUS 3 for heavy scratches.
I will drive to my parents heated garage this weekend to do the job.
Thank you so very much Scott, for making my Audi repairs understandable
and within my reach.

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