My Mind Can Rest Now,,,Wow!

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Fri Jan 24 08:42:18 EST 2003

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 Mine too! Knowing that my OEM radiator should last 11years, travel @165K
miles,just like the last one did. I sure if I'm still behind the wheel of
this car in 9 or 10 years, I'll know enough to keep an eye on all the
mounts,trans, engine, rad., so that upper hose will not be yanking on that
radiator neck. Have you ever seen just how stiff that upper hose gets with
everything up to temp? Ever seen that hose with a hot engine turning 4500
RPMs? It's way stiff! Ever seen a 20v with worn mounts jump around the engine
bay? It's no wonder that poor neck only lasted 11 years.
 My mind can rest now knowing the phone number for World Pac, knowing that
there will always be a number of these wonderful OEM radiators on their
racks, and mounts too!
                       Stay Warm Ya'll
                       Bill Ferdon
                       EuroTech Services LLC

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