#77 State Police number cell phone.

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Fri Jan 24 12:21:55 EST 2003

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# 77 = # S P for State Police.  Not all, but some states are set up this way.
Mass is WITH THE EXCEPTION: that the western part of the state is *MSP

Smart girl.  Had similar experience with some guy and a badge, got into an
arguement with him as the cell phone was connected to the SP dispatcher.  I
read the plate off and questioned if he was a cop.
The state police response was three cop cars in ~4 minutes.
Some other NE states its what the road sign says or 1 800 525 5555

BTW: the court was unable to prove he was impersonating an officer.
HTH - Scott in BOSTON

> I'm wondering if it's for real or a hoax.
> Neil Vonhof

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