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egbert1323 EGBERT egbert1323 at msn.com
Fri Jan 24 16:04:54 EST 2003

   I have had my 20 valve six months now and got a group purchase metal gear
from the previous owner who had signed up before selling the car.
   I took the car with 193,000 miles into a shop, with the tamper proof nut
on the distributor, (which means original gear?). They took off the valve
cover and reported the original to be metal and OK to go another 100,000.
   If this is possible, I will gladly sell my gear to a lister for the
original price and return a refund to P.O.
  I also have some questions for owners who have gone 200,000 plus miles on
these cars. What does the engine act like when the turbo gets ready for a
rebuild? How do you ask for replacement shocks when the g-60 conversion has
been done? Did the dealer change the strut, carrier, rotor and calipers? I
have the paperwork but cannot get the details like part numbers and such.
    Thanks,   '91 200-20 black IA stage III 194,000 miles and rolling

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