why won't my car sell?????

Audi Sport themercedesbenz at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 25 00:44:37 EST 2003

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Yes it is, that's the one.

Was this the one with the wood trim painted black?
Audi Sport wrote:
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>I've had my car advertised on Ebay more than a month ago and it went
>$6000????? What's up with that? I'm sure all of you have seen it.
>It's the
>black on black 200 with all the modifications. I've also had the car
>audifans and audiworld for like two, three months now and nothing.
>So I was
>wondering if any of you know what in the world is going on because I
>don't get it. Have any of you sold your cars? Is anyone selling
>their cars? Is
>the economy really so bad that noone is buying anything? Please,
>make me
>understand. Only a few months ago there were 200's on Ebay going for
>$9000 with nothing done to them and now I can't even sell my car for
>$7000 and
>I've done so many things to it. I've put so much money, time and
>effort into
>that gar it's not even funny.
>I am so confused
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