[s-cars] Re: I5 Block heater - long followup report

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Sat Jan 25 06:44:14 EST 2003

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Heater should go on block (hence the name).   Many folks slap them on the
pan, cuz it's the easiest, obviously not so for 20vt dudes.  Think of think
of the v8 guys.   I'd suggest the 200w one is the easiest to mount (footprint
is 1 credit card) if happersizing makes room tight.  Two of them even better
for the really cold climes.



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Scott -

Thanks for the foot work & write up.  Do I assume the magnetic units are
designed to slap on the oil pan?  If so, any suggestion where the magnetic
heater should go if we have aluminum oil pans?

Some place other than the poop, I hope :-)


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