why won't my car sell?????

Sat Jan 25 09:54:51 EST 2003

Part of the problem may be your somewhat targeted marketing.
Listing a car on Audifans or Ebay is likely to attract buyers
that are interested in buying a particular type of car, but
the problem is also they can be just as particular buyers.
I recently had a car on Ebay that only got to about 75% of what
I wanted for it after over 5000 hits. Potential buyers were indeed
particular..and some were a downright pain in the ass or timewasters.
So be it.  I knew I had a good car and was more than happy to keep
it for the offers I was getting.

Step 2:  I live in a rural area but near a major east west commuter
route in NH.  I went to a business on that route with a pretty lawn
and offered to make a charitable donation to the charity of their
choice if I sold the car while they let me park it on their lawn.
A week later I sold the car for ALL THE MONEY and the buyer was
thrilled to have it.  He liked what he saw, loved how it drove, was
impressed by all the upgrades, and didn't spend 50 hours nitpicking
the little flaws that some of our dear Audifans have a habit of doing.
A charity got a check.  Win-Win-Win.

If I have any advice it's to attempt to broaden the target you're selling
to.  Your average "Joe" or "Josephine" may be more impressed with the
car than someone who takes way too much pride in their knowledge and
loves the challenge of trying to knock you down.  Give it a whirl.
Worked for me.

Royal aka 16RoT

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