Why Won't My Car Sell?

Dale McCormack Dale at TheMcCormacks.org
Sat Jan 25 11:56:27 EST 2003


Can you  say "Market Glut"?  You're seeing the results of zero percent
financing programs in the auto market that have been available for
several years.  I love my 20V 200, but I wouldn't buy another with so
many good newer Audis available.  For example, 1999 A6 Avants are
regularly sold on Ebay for $14-19K, many with 40-80K miles; how about a
1998-99 A8 wundercar for  under $20K?  For $3K you  can supercharge the
former and have quite a vehicle; the 300 hp of the latter is just fine

Audis make great cars for owner/users, but (especially) not for new car
purchasers / sellers.  Hopefully, you benefitted from theis depreciated
price when you bought yours

Another factor Audists seeking older models are a rarer breed than newer
models and other European brands.  Smaller audience = smaller price.

I wish your car was on the market when I bought mine 3 years ago, but
that was then...

Good luck,


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