why won't my car sell?????

Linus Toy linust at mindspring.com
Sat Jan 25 10:34:29 EST 2003

First off, don't take this as a knock on you or your tastes.  This is
largely my interpretation, so take it for what it's worth...

You have a modified car.  Modified cars almost never return their original
investment, and in some cases, actually detract from the value of the
car.  IMO, a few of your mods fall into this latter category.

Your modifications, with the exception of the suspension and perhaps
exhaust, do not enhance the driving purpose of the car--most of your mods
fall into the cosmetic or image category, and thus become a matter of very
personal taste.  Most of the audience of this list, if they are willing to
pay for it, tend to look for performance oriented mods--many others want to
do it themselves, and thus will seek out a bone stock car from which to
start.  I know I'm generalizing, but the Audiworld crowd is attuned to
newer cars.  That's another point--you didn't list what general maintenance
& replacement work has been done on your car in the last couple years,
apart from the turbo--this thing is now 12+ years old, and many pieces need
repair/replacement--when is the last time the timing belt was done?

Finally, eBay is a true marketplace matching sellers & buyers.  Bids you
get reflect the state of the market at the time of the auction.  Think
about where you've set your reserve and what you are really willing to
accept for this.


At 09:00 PM 1/24/2003 , Audi Sport wrote:
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>I've had my car advertised on Ebay more than a month ago and it went up
>$6000????? What's up with that? I'm sure all of you have seen it. It's the
>black on black 200 with all the modifications. I've also had the car on
>audifans and audiworld for like two, three months now and nothing. So I was
>wondering if any of you know what in the world is going on because I sure
>don't get it. Have any of you sold your cars? Is anyone selling their cars? Is
>the economy really so bad that noone is buying anything? Please, make me
>understand. Only a few months ago there were 200's on Ebay going for like
>$9000 with nothing done to them and now I can't even sell my car for $7000 and
>I've done so many things to it. I've put so much money, time and effort into
>that gar it's not even funny.
>I am so confused
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