why won't my car sell?????

Audi Sport themercedesbenz at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 25 14:24:34 EST 2003

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Ok, first of all, I don't see why the things I've done to the car would give
off the impression that it was abused. I've taken very very good care of  this
car and it's in amazing condition. I just wish someone would actually come and
look at it and drive it and than maybe they'd believe me. Second, most of the
modifications that I've done to it can be un-done. I have the stock grille,
stock blinkers and side markers, stock air box, stock exhaust from the down
pipe back in excellent shape, stock air bag steering wheel and I have spare
wood trim that could replace all the wood I've had painted. I guess some
people just don't like having something different but prefer to be the same as
everyone else...

Thanks for all the good info about the market being down and all, that's what
I was thinking too. I just didn't realize how bad it was untill I put my car
up for sale.


P.S. If someone is actually interested in the car I can give them a whole list
of the parts that have been replaced.

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