Console remove ?

John Zimmerman quickdeuce at
Sat Jan 25 20:05:07 EST 2003

Console 200 removal hidden screws ??
>Pop the plastic cover off in the back. The one that goes around the
>lighter, and you will find the two screws left that are still holding your
>console in place.   Dan
Thank you Dan for your reply.  :o]

I apologize.  I forgot to mention in my first post, that I had found and
removed those screws behind the cig lighter surround.  Truth is, when I
popped off the square plastic surround, one of the little springy tabs
popped off and "of course" it had to jingle it's way all the way to the
floor pan,,, or who knows where... Anyway, I did get those two screws
removed and the console still was doggoned tight.  I put pretty good
pressure against the console from just about every conceivable angle and/or
position inside the car and gave the console a pretty good R A P with the
heel of my free hand,,,,, didn't budge.  That's when I decided to put
everything back ,, minus the little springy tab :0/,, and post a smoke
signal for help..   Any other ideas ?? or do I just have to get rough with
it ?  <---- This last comment makes me V E R Y  nervous !  Probably like
most of your's, our AUDI still looks like brand new inside, and pretty damn
nice outside (even with 113,000 mi.), and I don't want to bust something
that will be a PIA, or super $$$ to replace because I got too impatient (a
trait that until this car I've NEVER had !) or gave it the 'ol "if it don't
move - get a bigger hammer" treatment.
Thanks in advance for ANY tips :o]      John Z. in Salem, Or.

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