Washer bottle repair?

CL Wong montesawong at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 25 14:00:12 EST 2003

My windsheild washer bottle sprung a leak late in the
fall.  The bottle seems to have craked at the mounting
point in the middle of the bottle.

Can this be repaired? and if so, what type of adhesive
should I use?

I pulled it out and used silicone but it still leaks.
Luckily it still holds *some* washer fluid for the
salty days of winter.


Chi (Rockland County, NY)
91 200Q 20v (Hoppen stage 1, Bilsteins, Eibachs, RKE)
2002 Mazda MPV LX
97 A4 2.8Q 12v (Shaumberg T/B, K&N panel) (Traded)


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