why won't my car sell?????

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Don't take things so seriously all the time.  I only mentioned the 0-60 in 6.5
seconds because that is what the actual Audi brochure said and I thought it
was pretty amazing for a car of this size with a smal engine to do those kind
of numbers. Yes, it probably won't do that well after 14 years but hey, it's
still amazes me.


>It's less than 1000 but still too many of the same kind for my taste.
>The 0-60 was 6.5 ticks
Yeh well, 1000 is within 10% of actual (especially compared to what anyone
knows for certain). Even assuming the correctness of your " 0-60 was 6.5
ticks", my "7 seconds" (note I didn't say 7.0) is an acceptable way to
state that with an accuracy of *one* significant figure. But it wouldn't be
hair-splitting to take issue with that "14-yr-old" claim I made, which is
off by an astounding 2 yrs! What could I have been thinking? Perhaps
looking down the road to the time when I'll likely be a seller like you.
As others have said, to get a reasonable return for performance mods--if
possible at all --will require finding just the "right" buyer. So, to a
degree that means your car attracts a narrower-than-normal market. It's
often more realistic to have the attitude that real value of the
modifications was in the increased enjoyment they gave you, and for resale
these merely serve to give your car an "edge" over someone else's offering
(although not necessarily a higher price). As to aesthetic
customization--many people might indeed want something "different" but also
may want their _own_ taste to determine those differences, so again you've
narrowed your market somewhat. That kind of resistance (e.g., to "special"
decorating) is said to be quite significant in home sales also.
Have patience. I suspect I'll be having similar disappointment when it
comes time to realize a "proper" return for my own '91 200q. It helps to
have a son who would love to take it off my hands ;-)
>>I guess some
>>people just don't like having something different but prefer to be the same
>>everyone else...
>Yep, seems some people have the strange notion that driving a 14 yr-old,
>1-out-of-1000 imported-from-Germany, 0-to-60-in-7-seconds-turbo-sedan is
>"difference enough". Go figure, huh?
>Phil Rose
>Rochester, NY USA
>mailto:pjrose at frontiernet.net
Phil Rose
Rochester, NY USA
mailto:pjrose at frontiernet.net

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