farewall to the 91 200q20v avant

ben swann benswann at comcast.net
Sat Jan 25 23:44:49 EST 2003


Great - But I just found out my Fuchs don't fit on the 20v.  Opting out
of buying the snows on steel wheels from Dan, as I was going to install
my Fuchs with all seaon 205/60 VR15 tires on the '91 200 20v.

It seems they won't quite bolt all the way down and reach the hub/bolt
flange and there is about 1/8" of space between the wheel flange and
hub/bolt flange before the lugs get torqued down.  I am wondering if
there is any type of readily available plate I can insert to take up
the clearance?

Maybe the the Fuchs can't fit at all, in which case I'll be selling
them - a nice set of unblemished Silver Fuch Wheels.  I'll then need to
be on the lookout for some wheels with Snows or all-season radials for


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Subject: RE: farewall to the 91 200q20v avant

> Ben-
> Congrats.
> Don't forget that the 200 also has a much-improved dashboard, tighter
> feel and the nice flared fenders that give you virtually any option
with regard to wheels- 9" wide with the proper offset can be done, try
that with a 10v
> type 44.
> Taka

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