Washer bottle repair?

BriceW at webtv.net BriceW at webtv.net
Sun Jan 26 01:06:38 EST 2003

My washer bottle startesd cracking also, recently.
The whole thing is probably brittle and not worth the time and hassle to
try and fix.
The 20V as a a different bottle than the regular 200 and it is a dealer
only part.
Didi at Carlsens quoted me $80.00 for it.
I will be ordering it in a few weeks.
What do I have to remove to get it out and get the new one in? Any other
maintenance repairs or things I should check in that area?
I plan on also replacing the $5.00 washer filter and the $1.50 spray
grommets and checking the pump.

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