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Rule number 1:  "Fair" price is always higher to the seller.  My point is
that, if you agree that any mods don't add value, then you have a 150k 91
200tq sedan for 7.5 grand.  That's a high price, period.  It's not the market
that's soft, and these cars aren't rare (tq wagons are rare - and get the
premium for it).  Take a look at what mtnbikeguy paid for his 91 for
reference.  Exception Dan?  I argue not at all, any 91 200tq buyer can find
one without too much effort, and the price is hovering in the 4-5 grand
range, even from the dealerships lots.

Dan, you feel 7500USD is a "fair" price for a 150k mile 91 200tq.  I doubt
you could find an agreement OR a buyer on these lists.  Your 6k ebay price
reflected your mods and your pix/description.  Without question in my mind
(I've been actively in the q market for over 10years) that was a great price.
 No question in my mind, if you want more than that, you should take out the
modifications and put it back to stock, try again.

What you will find is the mods don't reflect the price a lot, but putting
that much time into removing mods then selling them to get the 'extra'
unknown cash just isn't worth it.  BTDT2

Dan, I've been thru this dozens of times with q customers, and a hundred
times when I sold at a dealership.  ACV for your car is in the 4 grand range,
probably LESS with mods (wholesalers like wheel/tire combos, not anything
else - cuz if it breaks, they have to figure the application).  Trying to
sell a car much higher than that on these lists, seems oxymoronic to me.  You
aren't going to find a 7500USD buyer here.  You said "Unbelievable".  Some of
us are looking at the car, the pix and the ad, thinking the same thing.  The
market isn't "down", Audis just don't hold their value.  Even the new ones

A couple more observations that I've found wrt seelling quattros over the
years:  Don't sell after winter starts.  The best price you'll get for a
quattro is mid oct thru end Nov.  Beyond that, everyone that wanted one for
winter got theirs, best wait for spring fever (but you lost a model year
doing so).

Secondly (specific to you Dan), the hardest car to sell is the 5-10grand car.
 Why?  cuz most folks just write the ck for the 4 grand car.  Those going
over 5 grand, usually need to move investment dollars, or get some sort of
financing.  Then you have two problems....  First if you are overpriced on
your machine, the bank won't lend the buyer.  Second, once someone is
"seeking" cash/financing, they usually find that getting double 7500 is as
easy as getting just.  Then that high mileage high priced 91 200 is competing
with a sub 100k ("rare") S car, toys or not.

This is a reality check Dan.  If it wasn't, your car would already be sold.
You passed on fair market.  Time and historical audi blackbook isn't going to
get you a "more fair" price.

Best of luck to you, I'm with Brett on the wood trim (put it back)

Scott Justusson

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I've sold enough  cars not to need a reality check. I never expect to get
for my modifications, eveyone who's into cars knows they won't get their
out of them. I'm just trying to get a fair price for my car and I'm sorry but
6000 is not cutting it. These are rare cars and they usually, under normal
conditions would sell for more than that, especially one that is in the shape
mine's in. I guess I have to wait for the right buyer, I'm not just going to
rid" of it after all the effort that has gone into it. Also I don't need to
get a trade in value for it to feel better about the 6000. I was  trying to
understand why the used car market is so horrible right now, that's all, that
was the purpose of my original post.


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