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Shayne thequattroking at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 26 12:16:50 EST 2003

Not sure I agree with this.  I have a V8q5 which had UFOs on it.
Personally, unlike a lot of the list, I hate them.  They warp like  CRAZY.
My mothers 20v 200 has the G60 brakes.  My sisters S4 has em.  Compared to
the UFO brakes, they suck.  So, when I went for a brake swap, G60 brakes
where not an option.  I went to a Willwood kit.  I built it with the help of
a machinist.  But I know the www.bira.org and Audi Connection have options
to convert to "normal" brakes.  You can keep your UFO struts too.  My
simple, old Willwood kits is MUCH, MUCH better then the UFO stuff.

Just my opinion.

Shayne P.

Oakland, CA.

Enough Audis to give plenty of headaches.

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> Yes, do it.
> It is an upgrade, not a downgrade, cheaper parts, easier
> servicing, much less unsprung weight, etc.  And easier wheel
> fitiment.
> However, you have to swap over the entire strut housing.  If
> you can put in S6 Hubs inplace of the 5ktq hubs.
> l8r
> Todd
> --- ben swann <benswann at comcast.net> wrote:
>> Would it be worth taking/swapping the calipers off the '87
>> 5000 tq, as
>> the car will likely be for parts? BTW the 5000 is for sale
>> with over
>> $9k in new parts(posted on Marketplace).  There are relatively
>> new ATE
>> powerdisk rotors, pads and calipers are in good condition that
>> I could
>> swap over.  Would this be a ridiculous downgrade?
>> If the spacers work, then that is probably my solution.
>> On the other hand, one of the few annoying things I
>> experienced in my
>> drive home yesterday was the shimmy I felt when I applied the
>> brakes,
>> which I attributed to rotors.  I did not have that problem
>> with
>> the '87 - nothing but smooth at all speeds after I changed out
>> the
>> original rotors.  I did not want to begin pumping money into
>> the car,
>> especially if the UFO's are costly.

>>> Ben,
>>>  H&R makes a full set of wheel spacers for these car.  I
>> assume
>>> your wheels wont fit because the 91' 20v has the original
>> UFO
>>> brakes?  You could convert to G-60's now if it needs brakes.
>>> But thats not cheap.  In the meantime get some 8mm spacers
>> to
>>> take up the space.  They are hub centric and work well.
>>>  Dont forget longer bolts to match.
>>> l8r
>>>  Todd Phenneger
>>>  1-4ktq
>>>  2-ur-q's
>>> --- ben swann <benswann at comcast.net> wrote:
>>>> Taka,
>>>> Great - But I just found out my Fuchs don't fit on the
>> 20v.
>>>> Opting out
>>>> of buying the snows on steel wheels from Dan, as I was
>> going
>>>> to install
>>>> my Fuchs with all seaon 205/60 VR15 tires on the '91 200
>> 20v.
>>>> It seems they won't quite bolt all the way down and reach
>> the
>>>> hub/bolt
>>>> flange and there is about 1/8" of space between the wheel
>>>> flange and
>>>> hub/bolt flange before the lugs get torqued down.  I am
>>>> wondering if
>>>> there is any type of readily available plate I can insert
>> to
>>>> take up
>>>> the clearance?
>>>> Maybe the the Fuchs can't fit at all, in which case I'll
>> be
>>>> selling
>>>> them - a nice set of unblemished Silver Fuch Wheels.  I'll
>>>> then need to
>>>> be on the lookout for some wheels with Snows or all-season
>>>> radials for
>>>> winter.
>>>>> Ben-
>>>>> Congrats.
>>>>> Don't forget that the 200 also has a much-improved
>>>> dashboard, tighter
>>>>> feel and the nice flared fenders that give you virtually
>> any
>>>> option
>>>> with regard to wheels- 9" wide with the proper offset can
>> be
>>>> done, try
>>>> that with a 10v
>>>>> type 44.

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