[V8] Re: why won't my car sell????? - Reality training

Paul Waterloo paulwaterloo at attbi.com
Sat Jan 25 18:40:56 EST 2003

You could pick up a 97 A8 for about 14K if you look around, and it doesn't
need nearly the amount of maintenance that the older V8's need.

Unless it's a five speed of course, then I would go for it!


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> I'm going to look over a pristine pearl/black 91 V8q with 74K next week
> with my son. I've known the car from a distance for years. The owner
> just did the timing belt and headliner. An older gentleman who has kept
> the car in great condition since he bought it locally in '92. He wants
> at least $7K for it - I doubt seriously if I'll offer a dime over $6K...
> Why? Several reasons:
> 1 - the car will still need $700-800.00 to bring it up to speed. I've
> yet to buy a car that 'needs nothing' - I don't believe such a thing
> exists in an Audi over 5 years old...
> 2 - Its still a car that is 11 years old.
> 3 - I already know the dealer only offered him $3K for it and he wants
> to buy a new A8.
> 4 - I'm a cheap basterd, I'm not in a hurry and I know the market in
> Orlando. I'm the best offer he'll get.
> For my to spring more than $5 or 6K for a 91 200q, I would have to know
> the guy personally, it would need RS2 parts and little or no track time.
> There are too many 93-94 S4s out there...
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> >Scott,
> >
> >I've sold enough  cars not to need a reality check. I never expect to get
> >for my modifications, eveyone who's into cars knows they won't get their
> >out of them. I'm just trying to get a fair price for my car and I'm sorry
> >6000 is not cutting it.
> >
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