Washer bottle repair?

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 26 17:55:29 EST 2003

One reason it might still be leaking is the weight of
the fluid in the reservoir distorts its side where the
mounting flange holds it up, which would tend to break
any repair that you did.

One thing you might try is reseal the leak, then while
reinstalling it (empty), put shims or blocks under the
bottle until its bottom rests on the blocks instead of
that flange carrying the weight of fluid inside.  Then
when you screw the flange to the subframe, it will
only have to hold the bottle in place but not carry
the weight of the fluid.

As I recall, there was room under the bottle for my
fingers so you'll need a block maybe 6" square x ~3/4"
thick.  ' probably good to tape the block in place so
it'll last.

I thought about this when I replaced my bottle several
years ago, but haven't done it yet, so if it work let
us know.

Good luck,

Ukiah, CA

Sat, 25 Jan 2003

My windsheild washer bottle ... seems to have craked
at the mounting point in the middle of the bottle.

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