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Sun Jan 26 23:12:26 EST 2003

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If you removed the screws on the side and in the back and the two in the
front(under the little cover and the one under the shift booth) than the
console is not being held by any more screws. You have to slide the emergency
brake handle off. It has a little clip on the bottom that you have to put a
little srew driver under to pul it down a bit and than the handle will slide
right off. After that you are ready to take the console out. Just pull it
upwards. (I assume you unpluged the little light and cigarette lighter in the
back and pulled the connector off the differential lock by now)


>You are very welcome. Did you also remove the screw that is behind
>little cover right in front of the emergency brake handle? Dan
Whew !! I don't know what tha heck happened to the reply I sent yesterday
that has all the characters in some strange language ?? Must be the numbers
of every character.. Anyway, My apologies to the list for something that
must be screwed up with my settings. I'll try again.
Dan, I feel so stupid ! Memory is among the first things to go when we 're
sneeking toward that 60 mark :o[ I failed to mention in other posts about
the screw behind "that" little pop-in cover as well (by the E-brake handle).
Yes,, I did find and removed that little screw too.
If you, or anyone else, has any other tips for a screw(s) I've overlooked,
sure would appreciate any advice :o]
Another thing Dan. Like I mentioned when we first learned of your placing
your Black Beauty in the "FOR SALE" listings,, IF I could afford it and I
lived over there on the right side of the country - I'd be jumping on your
hotrod like a bird on a JuneBug ! Even with the painted wood (I too am
absolutely and completely impressed with the quality of the wood trim in
these type 44's !), I'd be one happy camper to have your wonderful 20v
sitting in the other half of my garage ! Momma could drive the '90 - 10vT
automatic and I would drive the 20v :o] But alas, I do not so I suppose my
comments are a mute point. I just wanted you to know that I am among those
who would feel that "if" you can sit tight, keep driving your beauty and
keep listing in the "FOR SALE" ads,, you'll find that ONE buyer who first
off, HAS THE $$$ and secondly,, will appreciate all the TLC, loads of $$ and
the time you've invested and will be pleased that they are the proud owner
of one of these unique and special automobiles. Hang in there bud ! Don't
fret ! That special buyer is out there and just hasn't started looking
"yet",, and just needs to find you :o]

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