re. factory instrumentation accuracy & mpg

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Mon Jan 27 08:42:34 EST 2003

This jives with what I get. I've got a 94 S4 and 91 200 20v Avant, both
chipped, and I get about 22MPG, plus or minus 2 MPG all around driving.  Our
old 87 5000 turbo got about the same MPG.

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA
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> I have a 87 5ktq with the 1.8 bar SJM modification, and a 1990 200 avant
> stock.  The best mileage I have gotten with either car with my daily
> driving - a combination of driving around town and highway is 20 -21 mpg
> measured by fill ups and miles elapsed, not the computer in the car).  It
> drops a tad, to about 18-20 mpg in summer on hot days.
> Both cars have been on long trips to the East from Chicago, all Interstate
> driving, and the best they have done then is about 24-26 mpg.  These
> numbers are consistent (as I remember) with the numbers on the sticker on
> the 1987 5kcsq (which I still have).  I am surprised at the 28 mpg claimed
> here.  I consider myself a normal driver, neither heavy footed or very
> footed.  IS there something wrong with my cars or my driving style ?
> Chander

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