Royal Ford of the Boston Globe bashes VW/Audi on ignition coils

DasWolfen at DasWolfen at
Mon Jan 27 10:51:56 EST 2003

In defense of Audi...........

 Audi is at the mercy of the coil manufacturer, unlike Ford who wasnt at the
mercy of Bridgestone, they could choose from Goodyear, Michelin, BF Goodrich,
Dunlop, etc etc etc.

 I've yet to here of an overturned vehicle resulting from a coil failure, at
most the car "MIGHT" stall, minimum is it will run slightly rough with a
check engine lamp.

 Maybe it would be better for Audi to tell the customers they have to leave
the cars at the shop until they get enough coils to replace them all. That
smacks of willfil stupidity.

 The difference between a possible bad ignitor on a Honda and a set of bad
coils on an Audi is there is only 1 ignitor on the Honda vs 8 coils on an A8.
Feel free to investigate the distributor issue on a couple of Honda models
that makes rebuilders pay recyclers up to 40 dollars each for them.

 Just my $.02

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