ack! coolant belching out...t belt question as well

wolff at wolff at
Mon Jan 27 08:18:14 EST 2003

The rubber on your T belt is 12 years old. Do you think it's nice and
flexible like new or is it old and brittle now? (Hint: it's old and
brittle.) If the cam slips in time relative to the crank your wallet will
feel it.... a lot as you have head work done on that formerly very nice
motor. I say change it immediately. It may look like this:
Also get the water pump changed at the same time. Maybe that's where the
leak is? More likely a broken plastic part like the radiator or the recirc
P.S. I wouldn't drive the car with a coolant leak. I'm not sure how far you
can get without coolant before heat damages something, but it wouldn't be 20
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