Hello to the 91 200q20v avant (was farewell)

ben swann benswann at comcast.net
Mon Jan 27 12:01:55 EST 2003


I knew somehow we could keep your attention.

You did a great job of getting and keeping this car in its current
condition.  Don't worry, I won't be making any changes or modifications
without serious consideration and deliberation.  I will be challenged
to keep the car in its good condition, let alone make any
improvements.  It is a fine vehicle, and I am completely pleased with
the way things turned out from what started out as a complete
catastrophe to my family and I.

I have noticed the brakes seem to have quieted down after driving
around some.  I will probably leave them alone.  I have learned it is
hard to improve upon what AUDI engineers designed in from the factory.
I do like to hear educated opinions on what others think and make my
educated decisions.  My main concern was the FUCHS didn't fit when I
understood they would, and looks like there is a solution by installing
10mm spacers available from the Tire Rack.

I still think that even with a thermostat that is stuck fully open,
that when the engine is completely warmed up, the fuel mileage should
be better.  My understanding is that the MOTRONIC system should do a
better job of controlling fuel delivery than CIS - chipped or not.
Perhaps it just is that cold out.

Also, I didn't realize I'd get so much feedback from this thread, as I
was replying to another.  I certainly am not complaining - just being

Thanks again - and don't forget to hitch a ride when you are down this
way - perhaps at a better time when there are lots of crabs and beer.


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From: Dan Simoes <dans at audifans.com>
Date: Sunday, January 26, 2003 8:17 pm
Subject: Re: farewall to the 91 200q20v avant

> Ben,
> The car's been sitting for the better part of a month, odds are
> there is some light rust buildup on the rotors.  Do some hard braking
and it  should clear up.  That frozen strut bearing could also be
causing some vibration.
> My suggestion:
> - leave the damn brakes alone unless you're going to BIRA or
> similar big brakes, but you're wasting the money unless you're going
to track the  car.  Nothing beats the UFOs at the price and rotors are
probably below$200/side at this point.  Yes, the 87 brakes would be a
> - replace the thermostat (which I will send you, forgot that)
> - replace the suspension with something good and do those strut
> bearings
> I can't think of anything off an 87 that I would want to put on a 91,
> except maybe the strut inserts.

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