Fuel Milage on Trip for secret score

SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Mon Jan 27 12:51:00 EST 2003

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Friday nights' trip:
Pilot fuel at end of NJ Turnpike THE CHEAPEST
200 20V Avant 150,788mi (6:42PM) - 150,495mi (1:49AM) =
293 miles @ 14.07 gals
20.82 Avg Fuel economy. less than I was hoping for.
85 MPH & alot of idling 2HRS in DC/VA
(starter binding)
Prior was 150,495 - 150,073 = 422 / 23.43gals = 18.01 Avg Fuel
NH to BOS to NJ -cann't verify exact fuel amount as I suspect I got another
tally while I was combining pump eats and other items onto one bill at the
Stock AFAIK, light throttle application, no dipping onto the turbo.
HTH - Scott in BOSTON

> Both cars have been on long trips to the East from Chicago, all Interstate
> driving, and the best they have done then is about 24-26 mpg.  These mileage
> numbers are consistent (as I remember) with the numbers on the sticker on
> the 1987 5kcsq (which I still have).  I am surprised at the 28 mpg claimed
> here.  I consider myself a normal driver, neither heavy footed or very light
> footed.  IS there something wrong with my cars or my driving style ?

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