Need alignment specs for '91 2CTQA

Martin Pot paulnet at
Mon Jan 27 12:48:53 EST 2003

Hi, Audi fellows.
I just did a bunch of suspension work including Bilsteins and got new tires.
Ofcourse I got the car aligned to within specs per Bentley. The guy who did
the alignment had some trouble understanding the specs out of the Bentley
because they are in minutes instead of degree's. I am not a wiz at alignment
spec either and that's the reason for my question. The car is driving
straight and the steering wheel is straight but it seems like I could use a
little more camber, especially the rear. He did not adjust the camber on the
rear because it was within specs, but the rear has raised a little because
of the Bilsteins and caused the rear wheels to be cambered less than before.
I would like to get maximum camber but still have a reasonable tirewear. The
roads we drive are very curve and hilly and I would like the handling to be
at an optimum.
Does any of you have some favourite proven numbers for this? The tire shop
would be glad to work with me to get the alignment exactly the way I want,
but first I need to know what I want.
 It would be nice if I could give the guy numbers and tell him, this is the
set up I want. He would be happy to do so while I confirm, because this
would take away the guessing.
I did search the archives intensly regarding the alignment issues, but could
only find informative, but no definitve answers.
TIA, Martin.
'86 5KTQ prl
'91 2CTQ maroon
'91 2CTQA prl

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