20V tq as first car?

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IMHO, it's a stupid waste of a nice car.

A novice driver should learn how to drive in something that's safe,
but also something without too much power. It's very difficult to learn
how to drive well if you've got a really powerful car.

If I were of the age to have a 16-yr. old son/daughter learning how to
drive, he/she would get something more along the lines of a VW Passat
16v ('90-93),
Audi 100 quattro (C4 chassis), maybe an A3 chassis VW Golf 2.0. No Mercs
or BMWs
because RWD is much less forgiving in low-traction situations, no Volvos
they very rarely have manual transmissions.


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A local 15 year old's parents just bought him a nice, garage kept pearl
white '91 20V tq for his first car. Its dead stock with 120k and he is
currently driving it with his learners permit. His parents won't let him
chip it, but, even without chip boosting, what do ya'll think of this as
a first car for a teenage driver?

Craig, Curious in Colorado

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