200q20 wheels

Dan Wing wagons at sover.net
Sun Jan 26 15:57:46 EST 2003

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Ben, my mechanic turned me four AL wheel spacers to offset my winter steeli=
es. I only used two of them because the rear lug bolts are not as long as t=
he fronts-- we didn't think they caught enough thread. The fronts were fine=
, though, and I have several thousand miles on the setup without problems--=
 the center of the wheels still bear well on the central boss of the hub, a=
nd there was plenty of thread in the holes.

For aluminum wheels, though, you might need longer studs?

Anyway, he probably would be happy to sell you the other two spacers-- call=
 Chris at European Advantage 802 865 2001. Call in the afternoon-- he usual=
ly works noon to midnight, and it is a one man operation. Quirky.

Dan Wing

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