teen safety, was 20V tq as first car?

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Tue Jan 28 10:06:53 EST 2003

Out at Thunderhill three weeks ago, I ran into an ER doc from Sacramento who was a lifelong SCCA instructor.  He is working on a study of the benefits of advanced drivers' ed on teen accident rates.  His data so far suggests accident and cost reductions of over 90% for teens who have rudimentary car control and car safety instruction.  He'd like to expand the study to include car club-type DE's and track events.  He'd like to get this published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine.  I hope he succeeds:  it would be a great endorsement of active vs. passibe driver safety features.

Brandon H

> Hello Craig............A huge number of new male drivers end
> up in a crash
> of some kind before they are in their early 20's.
> Because of that fact, male or female, I'd pick a car that would be
> protective of the driver in a crash. That would be my _first_
> priority.
> I'm recommending a screening device to eliminate risky choices.
> You can check any candidate vehicle for crashworthyness (FREE) at this
> excellent web site:
> http://www.crashtest.com/default.htm
> The site uses color blocks to rank every model of every year
> of any car you
> might be considering. And they break it down into types of crashes and
> seating position in the vehicle.

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