farewall to the 91 200q20v avant

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It's funny that you mention this, because I went from a G60-equipped
5ktq running
Dunlop SP9000s on 16" wheels to a UFO-equipped 200q running Conti CH95s
on 15" wheels
and I noticed immediately that the braking on the 200 was far superior
to the lighter,
better-shod 5ktq.

With superior rubber (I was running 225/45R17 Yokohama AVS Sports) and
UFOs, I really
could not need more for street driving, although I was proven wrong by
the results of
my BIRA upgrade- I can still brake even better on the street w/ street
tires with my
current setup, with the same Yokohamas. Now it's even better that I'm
running 255s.

Personally, I would NEVER run a 200 with G60s- just not enough brake.

As for boost, I'm not seeing the boost that you mention- I'm seeing
about 12psi max
until the engine is fully warmed up, at which point I'm seeing about
16psi. I have not
seen my usual 19psi in this extremely cold weather. Same chipset-
Lehmann 2.5bar.

Maybe I'm using bad gas? I'm pretty sure I'm running Sunoco 93 right
now, but oxygenated
winter formula.


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I have never driven a UFO equipped car.  My car came with the G60's when
I bought it.  But I have been very happy with them. I think they are
fine for street use (car never sees the track, ice racing every now and
them, though  :) ).

I can get the ABS to kick in at 80mph, which tells me I am getting
pretty damn good braking.  Could it be better?  Sure.  But I'm

Just an observation.

ObBoost:  It is really freaking cold.  -03F according to the 20V this
am.  I have noticed something, and am just wondering if this is
"normal".  I have the Lehmahn chip from Anderson.  In these cold temps,
boost build *quickly*.  I have noticed that I can hit, what I can only
assume is, overboost.  I can see 1.9 briefly on the dash before I get
the cut out.  Once it cuts out once, I can't see more then 1.5 bar on
the dash gauge before the I get the overboost cut-out happen again.  I
have to kill the ignition and restart to reset it.  Normal?

I'm sort of wondering why I'm hitting the overboost in the first place.

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