91 200 tq pricing - Reality training

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Tue Jan 28 10:51:55 EST 2003

Blue book from any company is no more then a plain guide.  A usually
inaccurate guide.  U get what people are willing to pay for it.  I have
NEVER bought or sold a car at anywhere near blue book.  Thankfully, I bought
WELL below and sold well above.  Case and point:  1986 F250 long bed
extended cab 4X4 with a manny tranny and a 460.  Blue book retail was near
6000$$ when I bought it.  It did not have high miles or anything wrong with
it.  I bought it for $2200.00 with tax.  Down the street from me there is a
1988 VW Westfalia with 21K orginial miles.  5 months ago they were at
12.5K$$.  They can't sell it today at $9.5K.  I checked book on it a month
or two ago.  If I remember right, it was around 12K$$.  The local market is
the only fair gauge IMO.  The blue books offer a marginal start and finish

Shayne P.

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> Subject: 91 200 tq pricing - Reality training
> Derek, the problem I have with your post is that even a quick jaunt to Kelly
> or Edmunds doesn't support your "opinion".
> Try Kellybuebook.com, or Edmunds.com, inputing both as "exceptional"
> condition (rule #2 = there is no such thing - in fact, fyi, the blackout of
> wood trim is a DEDUCTION, not an add):
> Kelly shows the 91 200 with 150k as 5900 as RETAIL blue book.  Reminder,
> Retail blue book is already a "clean" car.  That's "what to expect to pay
> from a dealer".  That's also usually a private party "asking" price.  Retail
> Blue Book is the price at the Dealer including profit.
> Running Edmunds or Kelly, 150k (just like my early posts) grabs 1000USD from
> Dan's pocket right away (vs selling at 100k).  Edmunds is a bit more brutal,
> they are knocking at the 4500 RETAIL price point.
> FYI, the trade/buying dealers use NADA Blackbook, which reflects ACV (Actual
> Cash Value) - which is the value of your sheet metal at auction TODAY.  That
> floats closer to the 3000USD range.  Dealers SELLING price is usually clean
> Kelly Blue Book, there's the spread.
> My conclusion stands:  Dan's 6000 ebay price reflected his car, with the mods
> (desired or not) ADDING to the value of the car by over 1000USD.  IMO, and
> the epinion of Kelly or Edmunds, he should have grabbed the money and ran.
> Take off all the toys, he will lose a grand.  Sounds like a great hassle for
> minimal returns.
> Every car salesman goes thru this reality ck as part of his sales training
> and will run into it within a week of being on the floor (btdt).  No one here
> is buying Dan's car (his post, not mine), plenty have shown that the above is
> pretty accurate in terms of "buyer" perspective.  I say get as much as you
> can, and run.  I also say to a guy that's 1500 OVER exceptional blue book
> retail "get real".  I'm....  Sorry?  Too much btdt I guess.
> Scott Justusson
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