American drivers was 20V tq as first car? (LAC/NAC)

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Tue Jan 28 13:51:25 EST 2003

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Here's what I try to do.
I am not an authority, I just travel a lot.

1.    Driving with the headlights lights on. - or turn them on 1/4 mile away.
This allows the slowpoke to see someone closing in.
Most will move the closer you draw.
2.    I try to creep up on the last 100 feet (lift throttle) and no brakes -
this keeps Mr & Mrs law abidders from calling the state police for my
"Unsafe" driving - brake lights attract attention and cause others to watch
or judge your next movement.
3.    I then position the car so I have an out in case the driver wants to
teach me a lesson by slamming on the brakes.
4.    I then try to educate the driver with the european passing signal, left
blinker on.
(learned that when the Audi 80/90 came out and they had a simulator go around
from dealer to dealer)
4a.  Sometimes I drop the left wheel into the fast breakdown lane to catch
the rumble strips to make some sound.
5.    Then I back off beyond two car lenghts.  Then creep up again.
6.    Then If they don't move ( allow courtesy if they are boxed in or have
no place to go to. ) the safest IMHO thing to do is go around them and
distance ourselves.

The exception to the above is in winter snow storm.  Most cars won't move for
fear of crashing.  So I go around slowly, then throttle off ahead.
Generally. I WON'T pass on a downhill or an outside radius of a turn.  I want
physics on my side if I loose it.
Nothing sucks worse than wrecking your car and then have them smile while
they ask you if YOUR okay?
Most see that they were going soooo slow they end up moving out of the way of
the next guy.  - I like to think they say: geez if he passed that quickly,
how many others are coming? -

Flashing the lights just puts the other driver on the defensive, slows them
down - to peave you - and most likely some punk will then want to follow you
around or race you.
Just food for thought -Scott in BOSTON

I have this personal problem with American drivers.  They suck.  They are
plain rude.  I can't tell you have frustrating it is to have some slow ass
driver in the left lane.  When I flash them, I get mad at me.  They don't
understand that means MOVE IT.

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