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The actual police force in pine bush/wallkill area in ny was arrested for "harassing females" which included coercion to perform sex acts, following people home and harassing them off hours.....list goes on.  It wasn't just one bad apple either.  So it's not just impersonators to be wary of.

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<It's amazing how quickly impersonators are caught>

Not all of them are caught, 15 or 20 yrs ago a guy was doing this up and
down rt 91 in N Mass and S VT, and he was killing his victims.  He was never
caught (hopefully he is in a quarry somewhere).  The real police figured he
must have been playing policeman because of how little resistance was put up
by his victims and I think there may have been witnesses.

One of my personal friends found a duffle bag scuba diving in the CT river,
it contained license plates and women's clothes, she promptly called the
State Police...she is glad she didn't look under the clothing in the bag if
you know where this is going.

Even if the #77 story is fake I would recommend women especially to pull
over in a public area if possible.  there are a lot of weirdoes out there.

Joshua Cummings

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