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I keep reading your posts about dogging on my car and I've had just about
enough of it. You can get over the black wood trim and the price I'm asking
for it. I posted my original question to see what's going on with the used car
market, because in case you didn't know it IS real weak and slow at the moment
because of all the zero percent financing dealers are giving on new cars for
one, there are other reasons for it as well. All the replies I've gotten from
you so far have been nothing even close to what I was looking for. You have
answered NONE of my questions since you were too bussy dissing on my car and
trying to give me some kind of "reality training" like I asked for one. I
think you were way off base with you replies and you should stop before you
really start something. I've put so much work and money and love into my car
and than someone like you comes around telling me I should give it away for
someting like 4 to 5000 dollars??? Also for your information, while my car was
on E-bay and even afterwards I must have received at least 20 e-mails from all
over the place, including Germany with people giving me all kinds of
compliments on my car. Everyone that has seen my car so far loves it. Wether
it's kids or adults, they all like it and praise me for all the work I've
done. Friends or not friends, they all like it, every single thing about it.
It's a very very nice car, you just don't know. Jeremy from Matrix Engineering
was amazed with it too when he saw it. He sold his 200 20 valve for $13.000
not too long ago and even he said I should have no problem getting 8 or 9000
for it and I'm not even asking that much.

Dan C. Bozga

Derek, the problem I have with your post is that even a quick jaunt to Kelly
or Edmunds doesn't support your "opinion".
Try Kellybuebook.com, or Edmunds.com, inputing both as "exceptional"
condition (rule #2 = there is no such thing - in fact, fyi, the blackout of
wood trim is a DEDUCTION, not an add):
Kelly shows the 91 200 with 150k as 5900 as RETAIL blue book. Reminder,
Retail blue book is already a "clean" car. That's "what to expect to pay
from a dealer". That's also usually a private party "asking" price. Retail
Blue Book is the price at the Dealer including profit.
Running Edmunds or Kelly, 150k (just like my early posts) grabs 1000USD from
Dan's pocket right away (vs selling at 100k). Edmunds is a bit more brutal,
they are knocking at the 4500 RETAIL price point.
FYI, the trade/buying dealers use NADA Blackbook, which reflects ACV (Actual
Cash Value) - which is the value of your sheet metal at auction TODAY. That
floats closer to the 3000USD range. Dealers SELLING price is usually clean
Kelly Blue Book, there's the spread.
My conclusion stands: Dan's 6000 ebay price reflected his car, with the mods
(desired or not) ADDING to the value of the car by over 1000USD. IMO, and
the epinion of Kelly or Edmunds, he should have grabbed the money and ran.
Take off all the toys, he will lose a grand. Sounds like a great hassle for
minimal returns.
Every car salesman goes thru this reality ck as part of his sales training
and will run into it within a week of being on the floor (btdt). No one here
is buying Dan's car (his post, not mine), plenty have shown that the above is
pretty accurate in terms of "buyer" perspective. I say get as much as you
can, and run. I also say to a guy that's 1500 OVER exceptional blue book
retail "get real". I'm.... Sorry? Too much btdt I guess.
Scott Justusson

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